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Breathable and fuss-free sunscreen stick to safeguard your skin without worrying about white casts or sticky traces.

Sunny weather is here to stay, and given the amount of time we spend outdoors, our skin should remain shielded by wearing sunscreen every day. And thanks to the innovation of sunscreen sticks, you’ll no longer have a reason to skip sunscreen since applying SPF has never been easier or faster.

In case you missed it, sunscreen sticks are a solidified solution that was formulated to protect your skin from harsh sun conditions. You can quickly and conveniently apply it to your face and throughout your body, making them ideal for busy bees who are always on the move. They’re tiny, they’re fuss-free and perfect for your daily touch-ups, and most importantly, convenient to be carried everywhere.

‘’I believe that if there are options where the sunscreen is not sticky, heavy feeling and convenient to use, Malaysians will find joy in applying sunscreen. So that’s how we decided to develop a sunscreen brand that could help combat these problems,’’ says Fathin, co-founder of Malaysian first sunscreen stick brand, Kyut Skin.

Created to help those busy bees to understand the importance of applying and reapplying sunscreen everyday, two sisters behind the force of Kyut Skin managed to produce a stick-based sunscreen with SPF 50 PA++++ that contains zero stickiness, zero white cast, all while keeping your skin hydrated with natural oils and protects your skin from the angry UVA and UVB that might lead to skin cancer.

Beauty Insider have tried and tested Kyut Skin Sunscreen Stick that champions in SPF 50 PA++++. They will make your sunscreen application easy with no irritation.

Kyut Skin Sunscreen Stick

his Kyut Skin Sunscreen Stick with SPF 50 PA++++ is not like your regular liquid sunscreen. This is a groundbreaking sunscreen stick that is easy to apply and perfect for reapplying on the go. Not only is it effective, but it also gives you the broad-spectrum protection you need, without any harsh chemicals.

Different from the usual and traditional sunscreen lotions, we tested this Kyut Skin sunscreen stick and found that they contain no side irritation such as white casts, stickiness, and unpleasant odours—anything that might aggravate sensitive complexions. Making Kyut Skin a perfect alternate option to liquid sunscreen. The product is known for its practical compactness, which makes them a must-have for our everyday working bags. If you’re the type of person who spends most of your days outdoors and is constantly on the hunt for oil-free sunscreen, this product is definitely for you.

Made For Malaysian Weather

Did you know that sunscreen should be worn at least 20 minutes prior to stepping outside and should be reapplied every two hours? According to studies that have been made, the most difficult part for users is the constant reapplication of sunscreen. Given the pressures from having a hectic schedule, makeup wear, and a myriad of other issues, it is no surprise that most Malaysians tend to skip this step.

Kyut Skin realises that the importance of re-applying sunscreen throughout the day is not known to most people in Malaysia due to lack of awareness amongst them. Kyut Skin is also aware that Malaysians find it inconvenient as they will need to reapply their sunscreen every 2-3 hours.

Hence, with the innovation from their Korean researchers team, the brand has chosen the best ingredients for their products and ensures that the ingredients will provide the best benefits for all of their consumers that are suitable for everyday use. Skin boosting ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Rosehip oil and Sunflower seed oil act as their main ingredients to shield and nourish your skin from the UVA & UVB that might cause skin burns, wrinkles, melasma, freckles and even skin cancer.

Fuss-Free & Convenient Feeling

Another point that we absolutely love is how they don’t tend to feel thick, sticky or cause any irritation on the skin, making this sunscreen stick to be worn conveniently especially for people who wear makeup everyday. As someone who can’t leave the house without my foundation, I find that Kyut Skin Sunscreen Stick glides easily on my skin—which can also act as a makeup primer and then continue my makeup application as usual. It stays as my makeup base and doesn’t feel overlapped on my skin which I found to be very impressive.

Not just for adults, Kyut Skin Sunscreen Stick with SPF 50 PA++++ was also made to aim for mothers who are worried for their kids’ skin health. Yes, this fuss-free sunscreen stick is also suitable for children. Protecting you and your children’s skin is super important. The sun may cause skin burns, accelerated skin ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines, melasma, freckles and may even lead to skin cancer. KyutSkin Sunscreen Stick with SPF 50 PA++++ contains natural oil ingredients that can provide your children with the ultimate sun protection that they need while also keeping their skin moisturised.

Ingredients Highlight

Jojoba Oil: Helps to keep the skin hydrated by locking in water. Jojoba Oil also prevents the skin from bacterial infection and acne formation, all thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Sunflower Seed Oil: Rich in Linoleic Acid, a fatty acid for limiting skin water loss and making the skin healthier as well as calmer with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Rosehip Oil: Contains Fatty Acid that helps with keeping the skin soft and supple by moisturising the skin. Rich in Vitamin A and E to boost collagen formation, reduce inflammation and also reduce breakouts.

Antioxidant: Natural form of Vitamin E that helps the skin to fight oxidative stress caused by external influences. Plus, it helps to fight free radicals and prevent damage to your skin cells.

Anti-aging effect: Helps to reduce the formation of melasma, freckles, melanoma and fine wrinkles.

Soothes sunburn: The combination of Vitamin E and antioxidants protects the skin from sun damage.

Overall Verdict

We absolutely recommend this sunscreen stick for everyone. It is very convenient to be carried everywhere and most importantly how they do not produce any sticky feeling, white cast or irritation. This Kyut Skin Sunscreen Stick with SPF 50 PA++++ is suitable for all skin types, especially for those suffering from the combination and oily skin. Look no further if you are looking for a product that will not worsen the oily skin complexion as this sunscreen may be the perfect product for you.

This sunscreen stick is easy to apply and reapply at any given time, and we love how lightweight and airy it feels. Just glide it on your skin, and you’re good to go! Given the hot Malaysian weather that we have to deal with all year round, we can promise this sunscreen stick will nourish and shield your skin from the UVA & UVB that might cause skin burns, wrinkles, melasma, freckles and even skin cancer.

Also, I love the versatility of this product. You can wear this sunscreen stick alone on its own or underneath your makeup. Overall, this Kyut Skin Sunscreen Stick with SPF 50 PA++++ is endorsed for every Malaysian, from children to the elderly.

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