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How We Started

“We are sisters that grew up in Malaysia. Growing up in a year-round tropical weather country, the harsh sun conditions can be damaging for the skins of all Malaysian.”

You and me had the same problem, which was direct sun exposure that results in our skin being damaged due to UV rays, even after the daily application of sunscreen on top of other skincare products.

We realised the importance of reapplying sunscreen after the first coat that had worn out due to sweating in the humid weather.

After witnessing ibu (our mom) spend a huge amount of money for skin treatment due to sun damage, that’s when we had an “A-Ha” moment. There had to be a better way to take care of our skin and to constantly apply our SPF needs throughout the day in a more convenient way.

Our Journey

Travel to Korea
Establishing R&D teams and SPF formulators from Korea
Visiting Lab in Korea
Launching product
Launching Kyutskin Showroom


Travel to Korea 🇰🇷

We need a solution but that solution had to be a simple and enjoyable method that will not be time consuming. It had to be a one simple step using a user-friendly product that can do it all. But it was not easy.

In 2015, We discovered sunscreen-stick when we travelled to Seoul, Korea.


Establishing R&D Teams And SPF Formulators From Korea

We found that after using this product, applying sunscreen can be very convenient even for reapplying purposes. After returning to Malaysia, a sunscreen-stick that is not sticky, effective and user-friendly is very hard to find. Hence, we figured that it would be much easier for us to develop our own brand of sunscreen-stick.

In March of 2020, After reaching out to the R&D teams and SPF formulators from Korea, finally our very own SPF50 Kyut sunscreen-stick was created after 2 years of researching and formulating.

Hence the born of Kyut Skin and Malaysia’s First Sunscreen Stick brand.


Visiting Lab in Korea 🇰🇷

After the borders reopened, we visited the lab and factory in person to observe the processes ourselves.

The formulation and R&D process needed to be done from scratch as we Malaysians have different skin types and we live in different climates from the Koreans

Kyut Skin’s sun stick formulation is exclusive as we has signed a non-disclosure agreement and contracts for all our products.


Launching Product

A sunscreen product that is super easy, enjoyable to use and high in performance, that you can bring and re-apply your SPF needs everywhere that will be good for your skin and actually looks super kyut on your shelf and bag!

Keep tuning in with Kyut Skin.

With the right resources and technology, we have produced and will continue to provide our users high-performance skincare and sunscreen products that passes the highest skincare and beauty standards.


Launching Kyutskin Showroom

A Kyut Skin showroom has now been open up a at Wisma Ninicomei—Nini’s building located in Ampang.

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