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1. Double Cleansing During My Night Care Routine

I tend to not double cleanse my face before sleep because I do not wear any makeup on a daily basis. That is totally wrong. Never skip double cleansing, trust me you will see the difference once you constantly did it. The benefit of double cleansing is to break down your make-up, sunscreen and removes dirt and excess oil from throughout the day and cleans your skin.

2. Never Skip Basic Skincare (Cleanse, Moisture, Protect)

Before this, I tend to not take my skincare seriously, this is because I will do a facial or book a beauty session every month. So I have a thought in mind that why do I need to religiously do my skincare routine? Of course I do sometimes wear my skincare but not consistently. This is totally wrong! You need to religiously and continuously take care your skincare. This will help your skin to improve over time.

3. Never Forget To Re-apply Sunscreen

I do wear my sunscreen on a daily basis. But the only downside is that only wear it once during the day after skincare, before makeup and that’s all. That is totally wrong, you need to constantly reapply sunscreen at least every 2-3 hours. The reason is, over time the UV filters from the sunscreen will wear off from the skin but we are still exposed to the harsh UV rays. Conclusion is, do not miss out from reapplying your SPF throughout the day.

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